As the name suggests disaster journalism carries with it a high potential for danger. Whether it’s reporting in a war zone, where violence is only a moment away, or visiting the site of a natural disaster, good planning could be the difference between health and injury or life and death.

The latest issue of Tie u Orja featured a ‘Hear Me’ story called ‘The day I abandoned my family’. Written by Suphian Bangura, it tells the story of Dominic Sakilla Sesay and the day that he left his family behind to escape a deadly mudslide.

In the story, Sesay remembers…

I’ve spent a lot of time this year reading Ernest Hemingway. What has struck me about his writing is the way in which he tells a story in such a deceptively simple way. His sentences are generally short and sharp with no real use of flowery language. It’s the ocean…

Max Seeley

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